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5 Tips for Fostering a Healthy Relationship

There is every possibility you’ve come across the term “healthy relationship” many times. But what does it mean and how does it work?

A healthy is quite different from a good relationship. When in a healthy relationship, you are looking at respect, value, understanding, and trust. Whether receiving or giving, a healthy relationship equates what you offer someone else as positivity with what you get in often the same measure or beyond it.

A look at the opinions shared on Collected.Reviews reveals how difficult it gets building a healthy relationship with friends or partners. But there are dating tips and opinions that say otherwise. Here are 5 tips we know foster a healthy relationship.

1.     Emotional Connection:

Emotions can be tricky but when right, they are the perfect piece to solving a puzzle. Emotional connection is so powerful and unbroken that even a child cannot get enough of it. Forgive the cliché, but the most beautiful things in the world remain unseen and untouched — the joy of accomplishments, the belief in your future, the strength of your weaknesses, and the essence of your decisions. Once you can keep an emotional connection with your partner, loving your partner the most emotional way you can, and being open to reciprocity, nothing is stopping your relationship.

2.     Quality Time:

What is meant by quality time has to do with attention — undisturbed, undistracted, and undivided. When you give your partner the ears she needs and the shoulders she needs to lean on, you have given her some of the best parts of yourself. It is even more emphatic in today’s world where emotions run high, tasks notch up, and each piece of digital information overwhelms. Time is a luxury but should be traded with your partner for a healthy relationship.

3.     Regular Communication:

To be honest, you’ll get busy, so busy you may not have the luxury of face-to-face quality moments. But quality time is not just about being physical, it is about being present. You need to be there for your partner when you are most needed. Keep in touch with her habits and activities and ensure you are not absent in some of her best moments. Regular and effective communication will go a long way in solving connection and proximity issues.

4.     Building Trust:

Trust is premised on only three elements — judgment, positivity, and consistency. You should make good judgments of your partner always unless proven otherwise. Positivity will help you achieve good judgments. And if you are consistent at both, you have built trust in yourself and for your partner.

5.     Common Values:

Find a way to share the goal and values of your partner. Your partner may be liberal while you are conservative. Rather than resort to conflict, you need to see beyond the difference and embrace the principles of such value. Relationship tolerance should keep your relationship healthy and successful.


Sharing moments with someone else is never an easy task. It means you have to tolerate the differences, embrace the similarities, and look for ways things can be made better every day.

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