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Essential Home Remedies

Perhaps many of us are just a little too quick to head out to the doctor or pharmacist when we do not feel well.

We could, instead, try looking after ourselves a little more, and using our own initiative, especially for those times when a doctor or pharmacist isn’t really essential.

Perhaps there are times when a home remedy is a more suitable alternative.

And then, there is always the possibility that sometimes home remedies are actually better remedies than those that can be supplied by established routes.

It’s a possibility that is worth exploring.

Perhaps there are some recipes and remedies that you should have in your cupboard at home.

As ever, before you purchase anything on the web, check some trusted reviews on a site like before you buy, especially reviews of health product stores if you are serious about your own remedies.


The first thing you should look at that you probably already have in your cupboard is turmeric.

This is a fantastic product, made from the tuberous root of a plant.

Turmeric contains a range of chemicals that can improve cognition, reduce inflammation and lower pain.

Try making a turmeric tea. Always add peppercorns to increase the effectiveness of the turmeric.

You’ll need to sweeten it as it’s not the best tasting tea in the world!


Ginger is another one of those things that you will either have in your refrigerator, or will find easily at the store.

Ginger has, for centuries, been regarded as a remedy for the stomach. Known to reduce nausea and soothe the throat, this wonderful plant can easily be turned into tasty teas.

Don’t mix with lemon like many recipes online suggest. Lemon will aggravate a sore throat. Try a little honey if you want a sweeter taste.


This plant has been on the list of home remedies for centuries as well.

The flower is well known for its beautiful scent and also for its healing properties.

Lavender will reduce headaches, anxiety and stress levels. Essential oils can be used in the home in a suitable oil diffuser.

Care should always be taken not to use essential oils directly on the skin.

Alternatively, lavender flowers can be used in a small bag and their scent left to infuse the immediate area.


Camomile is known for its soothing properties and for good reason.

Camomile tea will lower stress levels and leave you feeling relaxed and anxiety free.

As well as tea, camomile flowers can be tuned into a pillow and used at bedtime. If you suffer from insomnia this could be a really healthy alternative to help you get to sleep.


There are so many home remedies that are available to the average person at home. Many websites have grown around this as a niche and a quick search online will net you many results.

Do your research and you are bound to find many, many plants that you can easily get your hands on whose benefits go much further than the pot.

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