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4 Male Enhancement Tricks that May Actually Work

The size of your penis is sometimes the source of your anxiety. The average size of a penis when erect is 13.12 cm, and when flaccid, the average size is 9.16 cm.

Some people find this size comfortable while some don’t. You can get people’s opinions and reviews on The anxiety and the discomfort in the size of the penis have led to the creation of many male essentials products online.

Many want to know how penis enlargement works, and if it is healthy. Although medical surgery isn’t always essential, the penis can be enlarged through different means. Overusing some of these means can damage the penis. For example, overusing a vacuum pump may lead to weaker erections due to damaged penile tissue.

However, many manufactures who create penis enlargement treatments claim that it works. The following are some of such treatments for male enhancements.

1.  Traction Devices or Penile Extenders:

Although it might take months to see changes, this trick works. You strap the penile extender to your flaccid penis for hours per day. This will lengthen your penis after a few months. It stretches your penile tissue and helps enhance your erection.

2.  Male Enhancement Pills and Lotions:

Some pills and lotions can enhance the length of your penis. These are supplements that enhance blood flow, increase libido, and strengthen your sexual stamina. Women prefer above-average penises for better sexual performance, and if you worry about the size of your penis, enhancement pills can be your best choice right now. There are many enhancement pills, and you can try VigRX Plus, or Max Performer for harder erections before sex. You can also use Male Extra to strengthen your libido.

3.  Penis Injections:

You can improve your girth through cosmetic fillers that are injected into your penis. Depending on the substance you use, it expands your penis and helps it work temporarily. Closely tied to this is the use of vacuum fillers. A vacuum device will treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. However, it also helps the penis to swell by drawing blood to it through the pump holes.

4.  Penis Enhancement Surgery:

This is one of the most common means to enhance the penis. There are two types of enlargement surgery for the penis. The first involves the process where fat cells are injected into the penis. This is to increase its length, but most times it is for the width and girth enhancement. Another method includes the process in which fat cells are grafted into the penis. This will improve its size. The second type of penile surgery involves the suspensory ligament release. As the anchor of the penis, the ligament offers support during erection, and the angle of the penis changes due to this. The penis seems longer, and more effective.

However, other means to enhance the penis could be by trying to lose weight or avoiding feeling negative about the size of the penis. Most times, your lack of sexual enjoyment is because your self-esteem is ruined over your penis size.

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