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Many people feel the need to take a nap right after they’ve eaten and that’s because their bodies are functioning hard to digest the food they’ve just consumed and also absorb all the essential nutrients. And now if we typically talk about “nap after lunch” then it is healthy in many ways, especially for students or job workers as sometimes 15-20 minutes break during the workday is enough for the brain to stay all healthy and happy. On BritainReviews, you can have a great look at diet plans for women uk food stores reviews that will help you in getting on the decision effectively.

Our body has a specific clock!

Many people don’t know about the fact that our body also has its specific clock which tells our brain and body what to do next or if our body feels exhausted during that certain time of the day. It’s natural for our body to rest after being awake for eight hours or more.

Getting deep into the historical facts, having a nap after lunch has been an important part of Spanish culture, also called “siesta” and this idea was later adopted by many different communities as they realized having a nap after lunch improves their day and keeps them more activated.

However, the key to a healthy day is that naps shouldn’t belong as our body only needs a 25-30 minutes power nap which recharges the brain enough to work till night. If one exceeds 30 minutes, or more then our body starts to feel all lazy and the mood turns grumpy, and then even if our brain tells us to do something productive, our body doesn’t cooperate with it.

Myth about nap!

People usually associate post-lunch nap with obesity or the fear of no sleep at night, which is not true as napping not only improves heart health but is also super good for people with hypertension, it speeds up digestion and to some extent cures insomnia but the napping time should be balanced like said before, napping too much can lead to body fatigue or body tiredness.

One needs to follow the right way to take a nap for a healthy mind, body and also to get maximum benefits for a healthy life. After you’ve had food, blood is needed in your digestive system which rushes to the stomach and intestines after a meal, helping in digestion, having a rest or a nap allows the blood to go there but if you do exercise after a meal, the blood would need to go into the muscles, making digestion more difficult.

Undergoing energy fall:

We undergo energy fall twice a day – first in the morning, from 2 am to 4 am, and second in the afternoon, around 1 pm and 3 pm (these are the cycles of sleepiness and alertness as imposed by our circadian rhythm). It takes place due to our biology and doesn’t depend on weather conditions (extreme cold, heat, etc.) or the size of the hamburger you had for lunch. Research suggests and experts say that napping after lunch is indeed a very healthy activity, and prescribed a suitable time for nappy which is known to be around 1 pm – 3 pm.

A nap within this period will give you all the perks of napping without meddling with your night sleep patterns. So the answer to the question “Is napping after lunch healthy” is a massive YES, but keeping the time limit in mind.